Stockli Skis at Ski SharpWe choose to sell only Stockli skis here at Ski Sharp because I feel they offer the highest level of performance, the best quality construction, and the most durability of any brand of skis on the market today.

beaver creek2Our customers are some of the best skiers in Vermont, therefore it is very important to me to be able to offer them the finest ski equipment available. I have the opportunity to ski on and work with all the top ski brands,including many of the "not for sale" race room, hand built models. The Stockli skis are noticeably better than all the others. My son Travis has been a ski racer since he was a little boy and I have always searched for the fastest skis for him to race on. We both ski on Stocklis, and he's still winning races.

Parker GS skis.2However difficult the terrain, it becomes a playground for Stöckli skis that are made with a precision visible at first sight. Their ingenious design, extremely creative surfaces and optimized interior construction are what make this Swiss ski so unique. The early successes celebrated at the start of the Alpine World Cup season not only spur on the athletes but also inspire ski engineers to continuously develop new world class ski models for the market.

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