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Stormrider 88

SR 88 2022 (004)

Stormrider 88

Construction - Combicore : Wood/Laminated Fiberglass, Titanal Layers, Racing Graphite Base.

Length Side Cut Turn Radius
166cm 128mm / 88mm / 114mm 16.3 meters
175cm 128mm / 88mm / 114mm 18.4 meters
184cm 128mm / 88mm / 114mm 20.6 meters

This ski is simply beautiful ! I am so proud of the new graphics that I show them off to all the customers in my shop. You must see this ski outdoors in the sun light, but that`s not the best part of this new Stormrider 88. They really upped the fun factor by making it a much more lively and responsive ski. This is my favorite Stormrider 88 of all time, and I`ve skied on all of them.