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Laser WRT


Laser WRT ST

Length Side Cut Turn Radius
162cm 118mm / 66mm / 100mm 13.0 meters
172cm 118mm / 66mm / 100mm 14.8 meters
181cm 118mm / 66mm / 100mm 16.3 meters

The new Laser WRT ST was designed for the "Fast and Furious" World Cup Dual Panel Slalom Event. It`s shorter and quicker turning than the Laser GS, but more stable and forgiving than the Laser SL. This year Stockli added it`s "Carbon Steering Control" to the front of the WRT ST which keeps it chatter free and allows the tip to get into the turn with more ease and precision. I have used the WRT as my personal ski and it`s fantastic. It`s one of my top selling Laser models in the 172cm length.