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Marker XComp W Cup Plate

Marker W.Cup Plate

Marker World Cup Piston Control Interface Plate Ski Bindings -

The World Cup Piston Control Interface (WC PCI) was developed in combination with the Marker Comp bindings to provide the perfect race platform. The WC PCI is a metal framed composite plate with an active hydraulic piston at it`s heart. At the most basic the WC PCI is a lifter plate, increasing a skiers stand height and providing more power and leverage to the edges, but when most lifers stop there the WC PCI has much more to offer. The hydraulic piston at the center of the plate remains passive during the flexion of the ski, but in the rebound phase provides addition resistance, eliminating chatter, leaving the skier with a smooth and power exit to the turn. The WC PCI also adds stiffness to the ski, in a tunable manner. Not only can the plates mounting length be changed depending the style of ski but additional sliders towards the rear of the plate can either be used or left empty to achieve the desired ski flex. Having already surpassed what the average lifter plate can offer the WC PCI is set up to allow abducted, or duck, stances for further fine tuning and dialed in response. The WC PCI is more than a lifter plate, it is a tool to provide ultimate power and control for your race equipment.