Laser AX 2020

Laser AX

Construction - Combicore : Wood/Laminated Fiberglass, Titanal Layers
with "Turtle Shell" Technology, Racing Graphite Base

Sidecut - 123mm/78mm/110mm

Length, side cut, turn radius 

154cm, 124/78/111mm, 11.8m
161cm, 124/78/111mm, 13.1m
168cm, 124/78/111mm, 14.5m
175cm, 124/78/111mm, 15.9m
182cm, 124/78/111mm, 17.4m

This new Laser AX has the build construction of Stockli's race skis, but
uses their ingenious "Turtle Shell" technology. This gives the AX a
smooth and supple ride in soft snow, but it has fierce edge hold on
ice. I love this new Laser AX !